No Worries, My Dears

Marie here.

During this trying time, we hope that all our readers and writers are staying safe out there. You know the drill: wash your hands, avoid crowds, wear masks, and drink plenty of water. Many are still stuck at home without much to do. (Except us introverts. We’ve been doing this for years!)

We understand that many are behind with their online work or are unable to spend as much time on their hobbies and passions. Personally, I haven’t read a new book in so long it is hurting my feelings. Some of us are home with children who no longer have school. Some of us are working more hours as essential employees. This can be frustrating in many ways on its own, not to mention having little time for the small things that bring us joy.

Let me let you in on a little secret. None of us are okay. I repeat, NONE OF US ARE OKAY RIGHT NOW. We are overwhelmed. We are isolated. We are dealing with situations we never expected to encounter in our lives. Social butterflies are wilting. Mental health issues are worse than ever. Physical and emotional exhaustion are high. We are all in a constant state of worry about ourselves and those we love.

So give yourself a break. You aren’t being very productive right now? Okay. You aren’t checking in on everyone as usual? That’s understandable. Don’t beat yourself up over the way you are dealing with this. We all have to deal in our own ways. No one is *winning* right now. We all feel like something of a failure because our lives are turned upside down and some days we are just surviving. And that is perfectly fine. We need to survive. We will get through this and no one is standing by with arms crossed, judging you for what you have done during this time. We get it.

As a writer, I feel like I am ridiculously behind on my projects. I had books I wanted to publish earlier this year that have been pushed back. It bothers me, but it is what it is. It isn’t anything to dwell on.

We at Hollow Hills are here for you. Friend us on Facebook. Talk to us, start a conversation. We are here to listen, here to do our part in easing your burden in any way.

None of us are okay. So don’t worry about being productive. All we can do is try to find joy in the little things until the world has righted itself somehow. Sleep until noon. Sing to yourself. Doodle for the fun of it. Eat that second bag of chips. No judgement here. We want you happy and with us for a long time.

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