Sale on Editing Services

At Hollow Hills, we offer a few services for self-publishing authors. We do line editing, content editing, website development, formatting, and occasionally, book covers. Starting this week, we will have a sale on our content editing services.

Content editing is similar to beta reading, but much more in depth. We give very specific notes throughout the manuscript pertaining to story content such as character descriptions, setting, pacing, dialogue, etc. Forgotten a certain character’s hair color or mentioned that they are from a different country than you previously stated a few chapters ago? Given a certain character a catch-phrase for the second half of the story that they did not have in the first half? Are your settings too detailed or not detailed enough? Can the reader not connect with a certain character? Are fight scenes moving too slowly and romantic scenes too quickly? This is what we look for; these are the details that readers pay attention to. We want to help you put out your best work by assisting you with cleaning up any issues.

This is not the same as line editing: we are not correcting any spelling or grammatical mistakes. We are concentrating on the story itself and ensuring that it flows well and is engaging to the reader.

Now that you have a brief idea of what we do, here is the exciting news. Starting September 8th through September 22nd, we will be offering our content editing services for 25% off. For example, our rates for content editing are already affordable. A manuscript at 80,000 words is $64. But with this sale, it would only be $48. That is a steal! Please visit our Services page for details on who to inquire about content editing.

Do feel free to email us with any inquiries about our editing sale at hollowhillsbooks (at) gmail (dot) com. We are always happy to hear from our self-publishing friends.

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