Our Services

Hello, fellow readers and writers.

This post is just a friendly reminder that our company not only publishes fiction, but we also offer content and line editing services to self-publishing authors.

I still see posts on different social media platforms from authors stating that they do not need such services, their books are just fine as is. I read these and can’t stop my eyes from rolling in my head. Writers, put your ego aside and recognize that we are all only human! We all make mistakes. We all miss things now and then. There is nothing wrong with that, either. No one expects you to push out a masterpiece if you are the only one who has looked over it. There is no shame in asking for another pair of eyes to help catch all the issues. We all do it.

Ego aside, many complain that editors charge too much. Perhaps some do, but in my experience, there is always someone out there you can afford. You just have to find the right balance between affordable and quality work. You want an editor who will, in fact, find the problems there may be in your manuscript without cutting corners. If that bad boy is 150k, well, it will cost you a pretty penny. Why? Think about it. A line editor is spending hours and hours ensuring that every paragraph is perfect. It can be tedious work. I assure you, I have read some stories that needed far more help than others. Again, I’m not putting anyone down, but writers that are weak in the areas of spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. need to recognize that they need someone who will take their work seriously and that extra hours on an extra long manuscript will cost you. You don’t expect to take a pay cut at your job, please don’t expect an editor to do the same.

I get the same with content editing/beta reading. If I’m not pointing out editing issues, then what am I even doing? Why charge for this service? Well, I spend many hours on your manuscript, too. Let’s say you have your own word you created in your magical world. You spell it one way on page six, then another on page twenty. I have to check the rest of the manuscript to see which spelling is used most and note where. So if your protagonist is said to be one age here, then another age later, I note exactly where so corrections can be made. I also tell you about dialogue and phrasing, setting and world building, comparison of characters, etc. I read each manuscript at least twice, many sections five or six times to be sure I am understanding the message the author is trying to get across.

In summary, editors and beta readers work hard to make your life easier.

All that being said, we do offer great rates for our services here at Hollow Hills. Aurora will edit the first ten pages of your manuscript for free, to show you exactly what you can expect from her work. From there it is up to you if you want to hire her to continue with the entire manuscript. I have been beta reading/content editing for many years, for free and paid through another company, so I can not only find any weak areas in your story but I can point out the strong sections that make me fall in love with it. We are here to help you, so let us!

Have a great week and happy reading.

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