Silly Writing

Marie, here.

I’m sure everyone has seen something online about how horrible men write women. We may have even mentioned it before. One of Gideon and mine’s favorite things to share with each other are sites or videos that feature examples of this kind of hilarious writing. We honestly find it pretty funny. Even women can write some entertaining sex scenes in books. And by entertaining, I mean ridiculous and bringing forth visuals that no one can possibly find sexy.

I would love to write some spoofs of not only the overdone and, often, badly done tropes in modern fiction, but I would enjoy putting to paper stories that are meant to be ridiculous and make fun of such horrible sex scenes or said tropes. Gideon and I already write silly fanfiction for some of our favorite shows and movies. We often post them online just so others can get a laugh but we don’t take it too seriously. We aren’t looking to make a living off such fun. Hell, we have even started political spoofs to poke fun at our tyrannical government and the stupid decisions they are making. You have to laugh or you’ll cry.

Sometimes, we as writers take our stories a bit too seriously. I often write dark material with some deep themes. This is what I enjoy and relate to. I love to make my characters suffer. It’s what I do. But that doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t need to step away from the deep and dark to write something a bit lighter and more fun. I think we all should do that from time to time. If you are ever feeling stuck or overwhelmed, maybe take a step back. Write something just for you. It can be humorous, dirty, angry, or merely a fanfic. There is nothing wrong with writing something you never plan to show anyone. Artists often use this tactic, why can’t writers?

Perhaps Gideon and I will write our own original spoof one of these days. I certainly have some ideas. We probably will publish them so others can get in on the ridiculous situations we love to think up. Or maybe we won’t. Writing together is our favorite thing when we are stressed. So, dear writers, if your life is overwhelming or the world around you is feeling like too much right now, perhaps it is time to write something just for fun.

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