Upcoming Release: Marie Krepps

Marie, here.

These next two months are pretty exciting for me. This month, I have started using Kindle Vella for the very first time. I decided to try out this new platform to publish my dark vampire romance LOVE ME TODAY, KILL ME TOMORROW that I have been revising for some time. I will be releasing a chapter a week. I must admit, I am a bit nervous to see how this will work out. Different apps have been using this same idea of putting out a small portion of a story and using coins or tokens to purchase episodes. Comic apps have been doing this for quite some time. For example, Tapas is an app that we have used to publish bite-sized bits of stories. It seems to be a tried-and-true method so, let’s see how it goes with Kindle Vella.

The next exciting event in my author career will find the release of my novella from my urban fantasy romance series, This Realm Called Earth. STEAL YOUR HEART will release on November 25th. This short chapter of the series will take place during the events of the first book, SQUEEZE YOUR HEART. Below is the summary:

Charisse is stealing her way to a better life after being homeless for the last five years. Yet, even with an apartment and a potential job lined up, she is still considering joining her friend’s gang. They offer protection and family, something she desperately desires.
Joey Ice has managed to keep his identity as a half-selkie secret from his friends and co-workers for years. With a loving family and good friends supporting him, his life is simple and carefree. He’s content with his job as a car salesman, though he is considering going back to school.
When Joey and Charisse meet at a party, neither realize that their mutual attraction will soon change their fates.

This story is a long time coming and will show more of the lives of individual characters in this magical universe. In other fun news, I will soon be seeking beta readers for book three in the series titled, CONVINCE YOUR HEART. If you are ever interested in becoming a beta reader or ARC reader for my books, feel free to visit my website and drop me a line.

So, faithful readers, what books are you reading this holiday season? And by holidays, I mean Halloween and Christmas, of course! As always, happy reading, happy writing, and have an amazing day.

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