Hysterical Women

Marie, here.

What is it with TV shows and their inability to read the room? We are going through a time of social reform and women are not taking shit from men anymore. People of every age, race, sexual preference, etc are standing up for themselves and expressing their need to be heard. Let’s leave all the hatred behind. Let’s forego any stereotypes and show that we are individuals with unique minds. Let’s stop being assigned gender roles and told how we should act and think.

And yet… television shows are still showing women as crazy and hysterical. Still trying to make it sound like overdramatics in relationships are just ‘how women are.’ A woman flying off the handle over something petty is totally expected.

The example that had me wanting to dnf an entire series was last Christmas’s episode of 9-11. This show is already toeing the line with its problematic stereotypes and predictable characters. 

And then this episode came along and I really don’t think I need to finish this series. I’m basically watching a cop show from the 90s at this point. This episode has two women with children find out that they are both married to the same man. And what immediately happens? The women start fighting with each other. Over a cheating, lying man who wronged them both. Right in front of their kids. Later, after hours have passed and both parties should have cooled their heads a bit, these two women are physically fighting at a hospital. Why did another woman have to finally point out that the man was at fault and maybe they are traumatizing their kids even more? What kind of parents couldn’t figure that out on their own?

Just, why? Why do I have to sit here and state the obvious? You know what, nope. I am so done with that mindset that women are always at each others’ throats over a man. It’s a disgusting notion that needs to die. How do we expect women to act like adults if we keep showing them this kind of ridiculous behavior and selling it as normal? Is this some kind of ploy that men use to try and keep us from holding them accountable? Get the victims to blame each other instead of the obvious culprit? Don’t let it work.

You are allowed to be angry without acting like a small child throwing a tantrum. Your feelings are valid. The other party is responsible for their crappy behavior, not you. But you are absolutely responsible for your reaction. Ladies, even if your best friend is sleeping with your husband, or the woman knew he was married/in a relationship, is that a reason to make a huge public scene? Traumatize your kids? Be petty and try to ruin her life? No. It means you need better friends. New relationships. Wave goodbye and lift your chin as you leave them all in the dust. You are better off.

Be better than this. Never watch a show, or movie, or even read a book and expect the relationships portrayed to be realistic. Always see it as fiction, because it is. Set better standards for yourself as people. Men and women, please just treat each other with respect. Have some dignity. Women, we are supposed to be lifting each other up and showing support in a world that is constantly trying to beat us down. Trashing another woman to make yourself feel better is not where we should be as people at this point. 

And writers: STOP BASHING ON WOMEN! Stop using ‘hysterics’ as a plot device when you run out of story ideas. Cut that shit out. It’s not cute. It’s harmful.

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