We specialize in helping indie authors.

We came about because of two friends’ love of books, writing, and all things fantastical.

Hollow Hills is a haven for dreamers – those who like to create the dreams and those who like to partake of them.

Marie Krepps

CEO and co-founder of Hollow Hills

Marie Krepps writes adult novels and short stories of varying fiction genres including horror, science fiction, urban fantasy, high fantasy, dark fantasy, and paranormal romance. New ideas are popping up every day and there isn’t a fiction genre she won’t try on for size.

Music is a huge part of her life. There is always a song in her head and in her heart. Dreams also influence her work tremendously. Marie likes to escape in books to worlds beyond reality, and create her own worlds as well.

Find her other published works on her website link below. She is currently an editor for Hollow Hills.

Rey Butts

CFO and co-founder of Hollow Hills

Rey is a fantasy author and English instructor. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has dedicated his time to assisting friends and professionals with their own work. He has also taught free creative writing classes for high school students.

He enjoys writing M/M fantasy and detests 11-point Calibri. (If you submit a manuscript in 11-point Calbri, it will not be read!) Microwave popcorn, ramen, and dogs are the things he loves most. He is the current line editor for Hollow Hills.

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