When the Water is Flowing, Get Out Your Boat

Marie here. I recently began writing again after months of merely doing some edits on older works or attempting to wrap up unfinished projects and failing. You know how it is: you get the idea that you can sit and write but once you are there with that notebook and pen or blank screen inContinue reading “When the Water is Flowing, Get Out Your Boat”

The Basics, Basically

Marie here. How many times have you read a book that spent so much time on flowery prose or psychological musings that the plot was lost? I have read a few myself. It’s like those people, you know the ones, who spend so much time trying to impress you with their extensive vocabulary but aren’tContinue reading “The Basics, Basically”

Hollow Hills Reviews Sabrina

Aurora here. No, we’re not reviewing The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The other Sabrina. No, not the 90’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The other, other Sabrina, the Indonesian film on Netflix. I’m a horror movie buff, and, yeah, I’ll even watch the terrible ones. I give Sabrina 11 out of 10 stars. Mmhm. It’s myContinue reading “Hollow Hills Reviews Sabrina”

Author Interview: Garrison Kelly

Today we will interview one of the authors from our anthology, STILL STANDING. Garrison Kelly is the author of the short fantasy story “Savage Beatings.” He also has a story in our upcoming anthology for 2020. Welcome, Garrison. HH: What inspired you to become a writer? GK: When I was a little kid, I originallyContinue reading “Author Interview: Garrison Kelly”

Sale on Editing Services

At Hollow Hills, we offer a few services for self-publishing authors. We do line editing, content editing, website development, formatting, and occasionally, book covers. Starting this week, we will have a sale on our content editing services. Content editing is similar to beta reading, but much more in depth. We give very specific notes throughoutContinue reading “Sale on Editing Services”

Artistic Self-Loathing aka Hollow Hills and the Cursed Anthology

Aurora here.     I don’t know if it’s the time of year, or perhaps it’s because I’ve spent a great deal of time discussing in-progress anthology submissions with other authors, but I’ve spoken with quite a few who are not so thrilled with their work. This also includes one visual artist.      Off topic: NowContinue reading “Artistic Self-Loathing aka Hollow Hills and the Cursed Anthology”

New Release: Squeeze Your Heart

It is release day for Marie’s newest book, Squeeze Your Heart. This urban fantasy romance is sexy, fun, and definitely NSFW! Check out the summary below. It has been over a year since Melissa was divorced and she is ready for some fun in her life. As a single mother in a world where “other”Continue reading “New Release: Squeeze Your Heart”

What’s My Age Again?

Marie here. Today I want to talk about developing characters of different ages. Yes, I named this post after a Blink 182 song. Don’t hate. I often read adult fiction that may feature a child or teenager. Well, yeah, adult books can’t only have adults as characters; that would be ridiculous. The problem is, authorsContinue reading “What’s My Age Again?”

Importance of Editors and Beta Readers

Aurora here. As writers, we have entire worlds in our heads. A lot is happening in these worlds and we struggle frantically to get all the relevant parts of them onto the page. For some reason, I get the image of a kitten entangled in several balls of yarn, mewling helplessly. Okay, maybe that’s justContinue reading “Importance of Editors and Beta Readers”