Meet Our Authors

Aurora Styles

CFO and co-founder of Hollow Hills

Aurora Styles is a fantasy author and English instructor. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has dedicated her time to assisting friends and professionals with their own work. She has also taught free creative writing classes for high school students. In the past, she dabbled in modeling, theater, and public speaking.

She’s a dreamer who loves tales of whimsy, and is always quick to come up with puns. Her guilty pleasures include craft beer, microwave baked potatoes, and ramen noodles. Oh, yes, and dogs. Her favorite dinosaur is a dilophosaurus. She loathes temperatures over 80 degrees and 11-point Calibri. (If you submit a manuscript in 11-point Calbri, it will not be read!) She is the current editor for Hollow Hills.

Marie Krepps

CEO and co-founder of Hollow Hills

Marie Krepps writes adult novels and short stories of varying fiction genres including horror, science fiction, urban fantasy, high fantasy, dark fantasy, and paranormal romance. New ideas are popping up every day and there isn’t a fiction genre she won’t try on for size.

Music is a huge part of her life. There is always a song in her head and in her heart. Dreams also influence her work tremendously. If she isn’t writing an exciting story, she is certainly reading one! Marie likes to escape in books to worlds beyond reality, and create her own worlds as well.

Find her other published works on her website. She is the current content editor for Hollow Hills.

Michael James

Hollow Hills Author

Michael James is an author from the prairie province of Alberta, Canada. He is an avid golfer, cyclist, mountain climber, and astronomy enthusiast. 

Junior Paranormal Investigators: The Haunting of Room 909 is Michael’s debut novel for middle grade readers. After absorbing all things paranormal while growing up, he knew he had to share his fascination with ghosts and other-worldly-creatures with the next generation of kids.

Jennifer Quail

Hollow Hills Author

Jennifer Quail is a writer, wine-tasting consultant, occasional public historian (dresses up in funny clothes to tell museum visitors about history), trivia geek, and keeper of a Corgi, cats, goats, and sometimes a horse, chickens, and a duck named Duck.

She enjoys travel, painting, coffee, liking unpopular fictional characters, and not writing about herself in the third person like she’s had some kind of psychotic break.

Garrison Kelly

Hollow Hills Author

Garrison Kelly has been writing creatively since 2002 and graduated from Western Washington University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in English and a minor in theater arts.

His favorite topics to discuss while writing include mental illnesses, shy guy romance, left-wing politics, bullying, pro-wrestling, and heavy metal music. He has published three books of poetry, one novella, and two collections of short stories.

He currently lives in Port Orchard, Washington with his family (both human and fur baby).

Larry Fort

Hollow Hills Author

Larry Fort is a cognitive scientist and author with his M.A. in Experimental Psychology. His research interests include altered states of consciousness and quantum/Bayesian approaches to understanding the brain. Most recently, he presented research at an international conference in Interlaken, Switzerland and was awarded an international research fellowship by the Mind-Brain Consortium Berlin for Summer 2019.

His current literary publications include, “We Called it Azimov,” “Eigenlicht,” and “The Lady and the Sea.” He plans to earn his PhD in the future while also continuing to write fiction.

Somewhat introverted, he loves deep conversation and varying genres of both music and literature.

David Quesenberry

Hollow Hills Author

David Quesenberry earned his Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, and his Masters Degree in Ministry.  He recently left professional ministry, after eighteen years of preaching.  He is currently taking computer classes at Harford Community College, enrolled in their Cyersecurity Program, while working part-time at a movie theater. 

His hobbies include larping, watching movies, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and playing Magic the Gathering.  He has been writing poetry since elementary school.

Jacob Mahurien

Hollow Hills Author

Jacob is a writer who focuses mainly on the strange, bizarre and fantastical. He fancies himself a modern day Romantic and has been writing since his early childhood.

He went to college for English in the early 2010’s, but decided that college wasn’t for him and dropped out soon afterwards before finishing a degree.

Lenore Hart

Lenore Hart, who also writes as Elisabeth Graves, is the author of the novels Waterwoman, Ordinary Springs; Becky, The Raven’s Bride, Black River, The Treasure of Savage Island, Devil’s Key,and series editor of The Night Bazaar fantastic fiction anthologies. Her short stories, nonfiction, and poetry appear in various magazines and journals. She’s presented or been a visiting writer at Elizabethtown College, Flagler College, Florida State University, The Irish Writers Centre, The Norman Mailer Center, George Mason University, New College, Old Dominion University, and The U.S. Naval Academy. She’s received awards, grants, and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, The Virginia Commission for the Arts, The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, The Florida Fine Arts Council, the Connecticut Poetry Society, the Irish Writers Union, and the Oberpfalzer Kunstlerhaus in Germany. Her work’s been featured on Voice of America, in Poets and Writers, and on the PBS series “Writer to Writer.” She teaches in the graduate writing program at Wilkes University, and at the Ossabaw Island Writers Retreat.

Gideon Kane

Hollow Hills Author

Gideon Kane lived on the outskirts for most of his life, before relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada. Among his many vices are good cigars, vodka, and roulette.

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