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#1 Worst Trope

Marie, here. I know I often blog about fiction tropes that drive me nuts. Today, let’s talk about the one that is still a thing and makes me want to scream when I see it. Seriously, just saw a comic ad with it yesterday and threw up in my mouth a little. “I just wantedContinue reading “#1 Worst Trope”

Writing Fanfiction

Aurora, here. Before the pandemic, this was something I’d never even tried. I’ve only read a few pieces of fanfic, honestly, and associated the whole genre with teens trying their hands at writing for the first time. During COVID, Cobra Kai was one of the shows I binged and I discovered that Marie had beenContinue reading “Writing Fanfiction”

Influencing Readers

Marie here. We often write blog posts here about things we do or don’t want to see in the media. We discuss topics that may or may not be controversial that we read, hear about, or see through various means like television, movies, radio, and books. There is a very good reason for this. AsContinue reading “Influencing Readers”

Withholding Sex

Marie here. Today I want to discuss the topic of withholding sex in relationships. I grew up watching a lot of television and movies, even reading books, where this was a thing. “Uh-oh, he said something embarrassing about you. Guess he won’t be getting any tonight.” As a kid and teenager, I honestly thought thisContinue reading “Withholding Sex”


Marie here. Today I want to talk about writing a story with a friend or colleague. Writing is a lonely hobby. You spend hours talking to the people in your head: having imaginary conversations and playing out scenes. It is great having fellow author buddies who you can share your work with and bounce ideasContinue reading “Co-Writing”

Our Services

Hello, fellow readers and writers. This post is just a friendly reminder that our company not only publishes fiction, but we also offer content and line editing services to self-publishing authors. I still see posts on different social media platforms from authors stating that they do not need such services, their books are just fineContinue reading “Our Services”

Reading to Write

Marie here. I often talk about how important it is for authors to read but today I want to focus on one of the many reasons why by relaying a personal story. As a fan of anime since I was eleven, I was excited to find the Vampire Hunter D movies. Badass vampires in anime?Continue reading “Reading to Write”

Body Language

Marie here. Recently I have been reading web comics obsessively. As in, being distracted from my own writing and reading of novels, obsessively. As a lover of art, I spend hours finding new stories on certain sites that catch my eye with their unique style. The art might draw me in, but the story isContinue reading “Body Language”


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