Aurora here. We’ve discussed relatable characters in previous blogs, but today I’d like to take a look into another aspect of characters being relatable: representation. A character’s anxiety, impatience, penchant for bad jokes, or strained relationship with family members can make us see parts of ourselves in the character. But what about characters who lookContinue reading “Representation”

Write What You Want

Marie here. I recently wrote a blog post about judging readers by what they read. Today I want to talk about genre stereotyping authors. Someone once said “Write the book you want to read.” Well, okay then. This is why I write various genres under two different names. I like to read many different genresContinue reading “Write What You Want”


Aurora here. Sometimes it’s difficult to write and not feel repressed. No, that’s not a typo. I meant “repression,” not “depression.” Despite it being the year 2020, America has still clung to its deeply puritanical values. Mention sex or anything related to sex, and adults gasp and giggle. How and why is this a tabooContinue reading “Repression”

Stop Judging

Marie here. This week I am trying to understand why society as a whole judges people based on the books they read. When I was a child I read fantasy and adventure stories about children who were struggling with growing up, struggling to defeat evil, or struggling with adults who didn’t understand them. These storiesContinue reading “Stop Judging”


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