Tantalizing Tales of the Horrific and Fantastic

Sink your teeth into this book of fantastical short stories that will leave you wanting more. This collection mixes fantasy, science fiction, horror, and more into one big boiling pot of tastiness. Stories may include princesses, talking birds, alien species, magical items, terrifying creatures, cyborgs, or assassins. You’ll get your fill of thrills and chills.

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“Whether you want sci-fi action, terrifying horror, heartfelt drama, or bloody violence, you will get what you came for when you pick up this amazing collection of stories.”

~Amazon Customer

“Some of these stories were truly chilling, some were wildly intriguing, and others were rather gruesome, but one thing they all had in common was that they were entertaining. There were great twists that I didn’t expect, fascinating details that I could envision with ease thanks to the author’s descriptions, and a nice blend of those premises that were clearly fictional and those that didn’t seem too far-fetched at all.”

~Goodreads Reviewer

“If you like flash fiction and similar short pieces of work, I’d recommend checking out Tantalizing Tales of the Horrific and Fantastic.”

~ Long and Short Reviews

“This collection is definitely fantastic with just the right amount of tantalizing terror! I look forward to reading more by this author.”

~ Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“These short stories fit well into even the busiest of schedules if you’re looking for something quick and fun.”

~ AllBooksToMe

The Golden Bell

We all know the tale of the beautiful maiden who marries a dashing lord on a white horse and lives happily ever after. But what happens when that seemingly charming lord falls for someone else years later? Oh, and he is also a serial killer. What happens if his new love interest has his incomparably beautiful wife transformed into a hideous monster?

Follow the adventures of the vain Bellicent Barbebleu in a tale that features angry faeries, that one drunk friend who wants to fight everyone, dresses made of curtains, cursed pastries, and a cackling skeleton who favors spiked armor decorated with skulls, skulls, and more skulls.

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“Considering how well this novel was written, I’d say that The Golden Bell, the first in a series, is a resounding success.”

~ Amazon Customer

Junior Paranormal Investigators: The Haunting of Room 909

Summer is usually a time of fun and games for most children, but Hanna and Ben Littleton are not your average eleven and twelve-year-old. Their father is Percy Littleton, a famous paranormal investigator, and this summer they are traveling to different locations to investigate unexplained phenomenons. Things are rather boring until they stop at Castleridge Hotel. The hotel is reportedly haunted by more than one ghostly presence and the manager has asked Percy for help.

Though warned by their father not to meddle in his investigation, the brother and sister are convinced they can prove their worth as true investigators. Their eagerness soon turns to terror when Hanna begins having visions about a certain former employee of the hotel, the elevator takes them to the ninth floor on its own, and ghosts interact with them. The building seems to have a mind of its own as Hanna and Ben are forced to figure out what really happened one hundred years ago at Castleridge Hotel, before the spirits trapped inside decide to make them permanent residents.

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“This is a book for you if you like middle-grade adventure, the paranormal, funny moments, and likeable characters.
Highly recommended.”

~Goodreads Reviewer

“A fast-paced and exciting read with the perfect mix of humor and horror in this first book in the series. I’m curious to see where the story will go as the author touched on an interesting backstory involving UFO’s which is a personal fave of mine. I’ll definitely be recommending this fun read to my Grade 5 class. “

~Goodreads Reviewer

“This was an enjoyable, fast-paced book with a great mix of supernatural creepiness and humour. Just right for youngsters 8/9 and above.”

~Rainne’s Ramblings

“A wonderfully fun and enjoyable story. I look forward to reading more by this author.”

~Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“Hanna and Ben were such brave kids. Some of their paranormal experiences would have frightened people who were decades older than them, so I was impressed by how persistent they were during this case. They did a great job piecing the clues together and continuing to try to figure out what happened no matter how unpredictable their ghostly opponents were. The final scene made it sound like this is part of a series, so I’ll be curious to find out what might happen next to Ben and Hanna when they meet their next ghost.

I’d recommend Junior Paranormal Investigators: The Haunting of Room 909 to anyone who enjoys a good haunting.”

~Long and Short Reviews

The completed story of THE BRAVE BLACKSMITH is now available on Tapas!

The legendary hero? Not according to him.
After losing his wife and helping overthrow a monarch, Blacksmith has had many names and many occupations. But nothing can fill the void in his soul or quell his bouts of rage. He may be considered a hero by those in his kingdom but he merely wants to be left alone to wallow in his misery.
The queen has other plans.
Sent to rescue a young woman with a rare form of magic, little does Blacksmith know that this hero’s quest may very well be a quest to save his broken soul.

Story by Marie Krepps. Cover art by Coffee Hyrokoyo.

Find the story here:

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