Body Language

Marie here. Recently I have been reading web comics obsessively. As in, being distracted from my own writing and reading of novels, obsessively. As a lover of art, I spend hours finding new stories on certain sites that catch my eye with their unique style. The art might draw me in, but the story isContinue reading “Body Language”

Author Interview: Jennifer Quail

Today we will interview one of our authors whose story is featured in our anthology TALES OF THE SIBLINGS NOT-SO-GRIM. Jennifer Quail is the author of the short story “Storm-Spun.” Welcome, Jennifer. HH: What inspired you to become a writer? JQ: I don’t know about ‘inspired’, but I first figured out that ‘writer’ was somethingContinue reading “Author Interview: Jennifer Quail”

Conventions and Art

Marie here. A couple years ago, I took a weekend to get away and enjoy a comic book convention. GalaxyCon Raleigh, taking place in North Carolina, was a weekend of cosplay, celebrities, and comics. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new faces and taking pictures of all the amazing cosplayers. Meeting a few celebrities face-to-face was awesome,Continue reading “Conventions and Art”

Nostalgia and Lazy Writing

Marie here. Fair warning that this is a half rant post and half please-don’t-write-like-this post. I’m going to be talking about the Netflix show Cobra Kai so if you haven’t seen all the seasons: SPOILERS! I started watching the show with my husband because it looked interesting. Let’s take these characters from a hit 80s/90sContinue reading “Nostalgia and Lazy Writing”

To Suffer or Not to Suffer? That is the Question

Marie here. Reading back over my second part of The Brave Blacksmith tale, I realize how much I like the story. As authors, we tend to be our own worst critics, going over and over our work and never being quite satisfied with it. I know I have certainly read over plenty of my storiesContinue reading “To Suffer or Not to Suffer? That is the Question”

#1 or Bust aka No ‘A’ For Effort

Marie here. When I was in boot camp back in ’03, I’ll never forget what my chief told us the day before graduation. He said he had never seen a group of people refuse to try and work together the way we did. He wasn’t wrong. When everyone wants to take charge, to be theContinue reading “#1 or Bust aka No ‘A’ For Effort”

Critical Reading and Watching

Aurora here. I often have authors, or people in general, ask me “Where do you get your inspiration?” Aside from the obvious fairy tales and folklore, I like to consume a lot of fiction. Sometimes, after reading all day for work, I do not want to read more. I want to stare mindlessly at Netflix.Continue reading “Critical Reading and Watching”

What Makes a Short Story?

Hello, readers and writers. Tis I, Marie, your friendly neighborhood beta reader/content editor. I wear many hats, but today I am stepping into my role as beta reader to give my fellow novice writers a few tips on writing short stories. As a reader of many genres for many decades, I can safely say thatContinue reading “What Makes a Short Story?”