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Hollow Hills offers professional beta reading services for the indie author. We look for any inconsistencies throughout the story, time-frame errors, name changes, any areas that may be confusing for the reader, lack of setting or character detail, and more. Detailed notes are included in the manuscript and any extra notes will be included in a form. Time frame for beta reads will be based on word count, but we usually have a quick turn-around time depending on the time of year. Please do not send us a first draft that you have not read through at least twice. We will not accept newer versions after we have started work on your project.

Marie is an author and was beta reading for friends for years before joining Quiethouse Editing where she became a paid, professional beta reader for over two years. Now she beta reads for self-publishers and indie authors through Hollow Hills.

Marie’s approach to beta reading:

My job is to help each author realize their own potential. I will not only point out weak areas of your story, but areas where you succeed in capturing my imagination. I do not sugar coat things though I’m not here to tear you down. I’m here to give you the nudge you may need to tell your story the best way possible. I want to help you improve your manuscript for publication. My notes are thorough, considerate, and professional, but be prepared for the truth. I am well read in many fiction genres but here are the genres I will not beta read: nonfiction, high fantasy, military science fiction, chick-lit, self-help. Though there may be a few exceptions, I generally will not beta read for a genre I am not well read in, since I would be unable to give satisfactory notes to the author.

However, don’t turn away just yet! Aurora, or one of our other beta readers, would be more than happy to beta read the genres I do not accept. We will not decline a beta read unless our simple guidelines have not been followed.

We charge $1 USD per 1k words, with a minimum of $30. For more details about the beta reading process, please email Marie at hollowhillsbooks(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure you put Marie – Beta Read in the subject line. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Hollow Hills also offers professional editing services for the indie author. We will do line-by-line edits with suggested corrections and chapter notes included in the manuscript. Please do not send us a first draft that you have not read through at least once. We will not accept newer versions after we have started work on your project.

Our current word wizard, Aurora is an author and also instructs Composition 101 and Freelance Writing. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing. She would love to show you an example of her work before you decide to hire her. This means she will edit the first ten pages of your manuscript free of charge. You are not obligated to continue with us after that, but Aurora’s amazing skill with line-editing will speak for itself.

Aurora’s approach to editing:

I am here to make sure your message is clearly conveyed to the reader. I will polish your prose by mentioning problems and suggesting changes regarding spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. I check for formatting errors, overuse of unnecessary words or phrases, and biased writing. Like Marie, I will not sugarcoat my feedback. But remember, without criticism, there’s no room for improvement.

For a full manuscript edit, we charge $0.01 USD per word, with a non-refundable $50 deposit that will go towards the final total for services. (Deposit amount varies depending on word count.)

For more details, please email Aurora at hollowhillsbooks(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure you put Aurora – Editing in the subject line. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Other Services

Hollow Hills offers a few extra services for our clients for an additional fee. Extra services can include more promotional posts on social media, creating an author page on sales sites like Draft2Digital (Books2Read) or Goodreads, formatting e-books, designing author websites, etc. For more information on extra services that we offer, please contact Marie through the email hollowhillsbooks(at)gmail(dot)com.

All payments are through Paypal.


“Getting feedback from Marie Krepps was an overall satisfying experience. She’s given me a lot to think about when it comes to fixing my manuscript.”

~G. Kelly, author of Occupy Wrestling

“This was a meaningful experience and Mrs. Krepps is wonderful at her job. While at first I was depressed, I’m now grateful. With a bunch of rewrites and revisions, I’m a step closer to publishing a book I can be proud of.”

~H. Kachida

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