Submission Guidelines

These are the guidelines for submitting a manuscript for our publication services.

We accept fantasy and all sub-genres of fantasy. Fantasy is our bread and butter, but we will also consider some horror, romance and all sub-genres of romance, science fiction, and erotica. We accept LGBT, MG, YA stories as well as adult. Genre “categories” are less important to us than the stories themselves (If anything, we love genre-spanning stories). Anthologies are our specialty, so please browse our site for information about any anthologies and/or contests that may be happening at this time.

We are looking for stories with well-developed lead characters, especially females, and a plot that will hook us from the first page. Tired romance cliches are not welcome here. We are not looking for perfect characters or characters whose love for each other makes their flaws disappear. And please, no misunderstandings that create some kind of danger that could have been resolved at the beginning by a simple conversation.

You must own all rights to your book, which means that if you published with another company in the past, your contract must be void to publish with us. If you have previously self-published your book, it must be pulled from all sites currently selling it.

Query Letter:

If you think your book is an amazing piece of fiction that we would be thrilled to publish, please send us a query letter telling us why. We accept email submissions only. Email should include author name and title in the subject area. Body of the email should include an introduction of the author, a short summary of the story, the target audience and genre, and a few sentences about what makes your story unique. The summary should give us a good idea of what the story is about, what the main conflict is, and how it is resolved. An outline with chapter by chapter summaries should be included in the body of the email or as an attachment. Queries should be sent to hollowhillsbooks(at)gmail(dot)com.


Only send us the manuscript if we ask for it. All submissions should be double spaced in at least 12 point font. No Calibri. Chapter beginnings should be clearly marked. We only take completed manuscripts at this time, no first drafts. Please do not send us a draft that you have not read through at least twice.

Manuscripts should be included as an attachment, not in the email itself. We take .rtf, pdf, and .doc or .docx file types.

Poetry Submissions:

We accept poetry submissions that adhere to our genre preferences, however we will only publish up to one poetry book a year. Therefore our standards are quite high when it comes to the quality of the poetry submitted. We will only publish poetry books that have at least thirty-five poems included. The more poems included, the more likely you are to have your book accepted. Please send us a query letter that includes your name, a possible title for your book of poetry, the number of poems to be included, and a brief description of the general themes or mood set by the poems.


Queries will be answered within four months. Our response time may vary depending on the volume of queries received. Keep in mind that some months are busier than others. We respond to all query letters, so please be patient.



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