Author Interview: Garrison Kelly

Today we will interview one of the authors from our anthology, STILL STANDING. Garrison Kelly is the author of the short fantasy story “Savage Beatings.” He also has a story in our upcoming anthology for 2020. Welcome, Garrison. HH: What inspired you to become a writer? GK: When I was a little kid, I originallyContinue reading “Author Interview: Garrison Kelly”

Author Interview: Larry Fort

Today we will interview one of the authors from our anthologies STILL STANDING and TALES OF THE SIBLINGS NOT-SO-GRIM. Larry Fort is the author of the short science fiction stories “We Called It Azimov” and “Eigenlicht.” Welcome, Larry. HH: What inspired you to become a writer? Larry: Ever since I was young, I was writing.Continue reading “Author Interview: Larry Fort”

Your Creative Process aka Rituals

Marie here. I hope that title isn’t misleading. No, I don’t mean rituals as in last rites or sacrificing virgins. (Pshh, that’s amateur stuff.) I wanted to chat a bit today about the creative process. It seems everyone has a ritual of some kind when it comes to writing. I can’t get on Facebook withoutContinue reading “Your Creative Process aka Rituals”

Striving to Slay the Stress Dragons

Aurora here. Ah, summer, the time of heat, insects, and inevitable gatherings of people. The latter is an introvert’s nightmare. Amid the smoke of BBQs is the smoke coming out of relatives’ and friends’ ears as they engage in heated debate, their anger augmented by the cheap macro brews filling the coolers. I have horribleContinue reading “Striving to Slay the Stress Dragons”

Dialogue Tags

Marie here. When I was in school in the 90s, our English teachers were always forcing us to find an alternative to using dialogue tags or attribution. They claimed that “he said” and “she said” became boring and monotonous and they would take points away if we had it in our creative writing papers. WeContinue reading “Dialogue Tags”