What’s My Age Again?

Marie here. Today I want to talk about developing characters of different ages. Yes, I named this post after a Blink 182 song. Don’t hate. I often read adult fiction that may feature a child or teenager. Well, yeah, adult books can’t only have adults as characters; that would be ridiculous. The problem is, authorsContinue reading “What’s My Age Again?”

Stop with the “Strong Female Characters” Thing

Marie here. Whenever I read the phrase “strong female characters” I immediately imagine a huge, muscular woman wielding a battle axe or something equally threatening. I mean, is she a wrestler? A kickboxer? A soldier? Well, if your character is one of those things then this would be an accurate description. The thing is, people,Continue reading “Stop with the “Strong Female Characters” Thing”

When Not to Kill Off Your Villain

Marie here. Most readers want some kind of closure at the end of a story. Some like the happy ending. Some like the we-aren’t-doing-great-right-now-but-the-future-looks-bright ending. Others, like myself, want a more realistic ending. Many readers were angry at the end of Allegiant. I was okay with it because it made sense. When it comes toContinue reading “When Not to Kill Off Your Villain”

What Makes a Likeable Character?

Aurora here. Is it a character who always does what’s right, is always kind, rarely makes any kind of wrong decision? Or if the character does make a bad choice, does it later turn out it was the right choice all along? The kind of character who often shows up as the protagonist of fantasyContinue reading “What Makes a Likeable Character?”