Writing Book Reviews: An Author and Reader’s Viewpoint

Marie here. Most authors are obsessed with getting book reviews. Supposedly, getting a certain number of reviews on Amazon will give your book more exposure. This may be true, but that should not be the number one reason an author should ask a reader to review their book. First, let’s back up and talk aboutContinue reading “Writing Book Reviews: An Author and Reader’s Viewpoint”

Hollow Hills Reviews Sabrina

Aurora here. No, we’re not reviewing The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The other Sabrina. No, not the 90’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The other, other Sabrina, the Indonesian film on Netflix. I’m a horror movie buff, and, yeah, I’ll even watch the terrible ones. I give Sabrina 11 out of 10 stars. Mmhm. It’s myContinue reading “Hollow Hills Reviews Sabrina”